What are the benefits of a freelance community?


Freelancing is one of the most challenging and opportunity-filled career options. It provides immense scope for self-development and skill enhancement. However, one of the greatest drawbacks of being a freelancer is the lack of office colleagues. Though freelancers often appreciate the autonomy on their working patterns, flexible time options, and their mobility that freelancing offers but there is always somewhere a void. Well according to me, Freelancing communities are meant to reduce that gap and provide freelancers a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and extend their circle. The freelancing community fosters interaction and provides a chance to get going with other freelancers.

Why freelancing community matters to a freelancer?

Well, the answer to this question takes us back to Maslow’s theory of hierarchy and needs. According to Maslow, human beings have a sense of belonging to connect and be a part of the community. This sense plays an important role in motivating one to perform better and reach newer heights. The lure to be a part of a community is psychological and a common phenomenon. Freelancing Communities helps one to not only connect with other individuals but also provides great information about the market trends, current topics, foresight, analysis, and much more.

The freelancing community provides sufficient knowledge to the freelancers and keeps the professional motivated. It helps one to comprehend the intricacies of freelancing and act as a guideline. Prominent Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Brafu, Toptal, Upwork, Win A Talent, etc give strong emphasis on building a strong community of freelancers to leverage their skills and amplify their reach. These freelancing platforms make every possible effort to engage the talent and encourage them to perform better.

Here are some benefits of being a part of a freelance community:

1. Helps you to battle the feeling of isolation: Whether you are working from home, your office, shop, or in a coffee shop. You tend to spend most of the time alone and are immersed in work. This pattern does not just inspire your productivity and help you to concentrate more but can also lead to overwhelming loneliness and boredom. For instance, I have seen many freelancers that complain about being mute for hours and hours because they don’t have to share their feelings while they are working. The no companionship at the workplace can at times takes a toll on your mental health and productivity. A strong freelancing community in a leading freelance marketplace such as Brafu can help you to battle the feeling of isolation and build your circle. It can expose you to several similar stories and make you feel a part of the group. I being a freelancer, often recommend people to join robust and connect freelancing communities on Brafu to find a local freelance group that has similar interests and connects with them. Engaging with other fellow freelancers can fill the void and boost your energy levels too.

2. Improve your network: I have often faced situations where I am skeptical about the scope of work, how to handle a tricky situation, what should be the ideal charge of this kind of project such questions used to just creep into my mind and leave me dumb head. Then, I started reading blogs on various freelance communities such as Fiverr and Brafu. These blogs and personal experiences of freelancers to a very extent guided me and help me to channelize my energy. Moreover, these freelancing communities gave me a chance to connect with some of the influential freelancers and industry experts. It not only increases my freelancing forte but also allowed me to be a part of a larger network. The freelance community got me the desired edge and exposure.

3. Commiserate with others: Freelancing is one of the best ways to upscale your skills however, as a freelancer you have to manage everything on your own in the beginning right from books of accounts, deliverables, servicing, administration, and much more. Freelancing communities help you to connect with other fellow freelancers and know their side of the story and experiences. It allows you to commiserate with others who are or have been in similar situations. Freelance communities have a great outlet that lets you vent out your issues, headaches with the people who have witnessed similar struggles.

4. Expand your venture: do you think being a part of a freelancing community can be very demanding and may consume a lot of your time? Well, you need to rethink this. Freelancing communities on leading platforms like Brafu connect you with the other freelancers and expand your network. Let me give you a personal example, Recently I came in touch with a freelance writer who was packed with many projects and was looking out for some professional freelancer to complete a project. So, she connected with me for the project. Since then, we have successfully rolled out more than 50 projects together.

Having a large and extensive network is always worthwhile for a freelancer. The more you connect with people the higher the chances of securing more gigs and professional work. In addition to this to having someone to refer is always a win-win situation for you and the client both.

5. Builds your reputation in the freelancing world: One of the greatest assets of any freelancer is its reputation and goodwill in the market. Reputation plays a prominent role in maintaining the flow of your work. The freelancing community can get you the limelight and help you to make new connections. You can always be in touch with your fellow freelancers on social networking platforms. The freelancing community can build your brand.

Freelancing is itself a small, intricate, strategic community. It is beneficial to be a part of a professional freelance community to shape your freelancing business and amplify your reach. It can help you to solidify your personal brand and build a strong network. In the competitive ever-evolving, ever-upgrading segment like freelancing; the Freelancing community can get you the desired edge.

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